César Santos da Luz is an artist researcher and community organizer, an experienced community arts facilitator & reflective practitioner.  He was awarded an MA from the University of Brighton in Photography.  His artistic practice interrogates the role of photography in relation to memory, diaspora and family stories.

Using photography, as visual and critical tools, his work is a self-exploration of family’s experience in relation to belonging, displacement.  He is interested in the subjectivity contained in memories of migration in relation to family stories.

He uses found photographs and family’s photographic archives as mnemonic reminders that activate, imagine and reinvent, individual and collective memory, strengthening the link between present and past.

As both European and African, his work is intended to confront issues of erasure and cultural negotiation.   Self-narratives that pose questions anchored in problematics around migration and diaspora.  Proposing what Abraham (2014) calls an alternative or third space of becoming.  […] the unhealable rift forces between the self and its true home (Said 2001).