“It is through photographs – together with stories recounted – that people lost in time and space can travel back to us” This is particularly evident whenever old photographic images are retrieved and used in narratives of migration” (Alù, 2010).

Photographs can travel across space and time, providing the connections between people and their past and give information in relation to photographic archives and the socio-historic context in which stories are merged (G Alù 2010). Using my family archive I re-locate my own personal experience of migration within collective memories which ‘strengthens the link between’ my present and my family past.

Migration is used here not only as the movement by people from one place to another but in relation to found photographs, how they travelled, and the memories behind them. While taking into consideration the subjectivity contained in memories of migration in relation to image and family stories (Mercer, 2008).

Recovered is a project that uses photographic archives, damaged in the accidental sunking of ship.  Intertwined with my own story of displacement and migration.  The work revisits forgotten, distant memories through using analogue printing process and seeking to connect, to reconstruct through multiple layers of the photographic process.  Through the process of ‘reframing’ found family photographs.